Scumby Applicator Instructions

  • Scumby Pollen Applicator can be mounted either on the front or rear racks using U-Bolts or Ratchet Straps.
  • 2-stroke oil to 89 octane or higher fuel mixture; 50:1 ratio.
  • Electric Auger Motor can be wired in 3 ways:
    • Alligator clip pigtail directly to battery
    • Auxiliary pigtail to auxiliary port (if your ATV is equipped with a port)
    • Eyelet wire connectors directly to battery
  • Double check polarity to ensure auger is turning the correct direction.
  • Auger motor is calibrated to use standard 12-volt system. If it receives more voltage it turns faster and ground speed may have to be slightly increased to compensate.
  • Firman Pollen highly recommends using Scumby Stack Attachments to evenly distribute pollen into tree canopy.
  • Non-viable calibration pollen is included. Firman Pollen highly recommends taking the time to drive 1 acre to ensure that everything is operating correctly and pollen application goes smoothly.
  • Scumby Pollen Applicators are specifically calibrated to use 1/2 strength Firman Pollen. (Use of Sure Set or other carriers leads to build up on auger causing eventual mechanical failure).
  • Use calibration chart inside hopper lid to determine ground speed and auger settings.
  • Scumby Pollen Applicator applies Firman Pollen at a rate of 60g/Acre/Pass.
  • Blower should run at full throttle for maximum air movement.
  • Auger on/off switch may be used to prevent pollen dispersion at the end of rows.


To download a PDF for Scumby Applicator Instructions, click here