For nearly 8 decades Firman Pollen's commitment to quality has led us to our leadership position in the pollination industry. Because product quality is essential in setting a crop, it is the central focus of our company.


This commitment to quality is built into our company every step of the way, from the picking of the first flower to the pollen being applied in the field.


Quality Crew Management


Our commitment to crew supervision ensures certainty of product variety.

Effective crew management allows for sample sizes as small as 100 trees

for accurate virus testing. Product certainty and virus testing are only

possible through quality crew management


Quality Product Handling


Investing in transportation is a critical element in pollen quality. Blossom is transported multiple times daily to our warehouse to extract the pollen from the flowers. This allows no time for flowers to heat in the field, lowering pollen quality. As soon as the pollen is removed from the flowers it is spread in our environmentally controlled drying room. By using a controlled environment we are able to maximize viability and pollen shed.


Quality Product Preparation


After proper drying we utilize a proprietary technique to enhance the pollen

quality. This proprietary technique increases the amount of available viable

pollen by as much as 30%. Our technique also refines the anther hulls to

allow for superior dispersion for all forms of application.


Quality Testing


All of our pollen is tested multiple times for viability. All Apple and Pear

pollens are tested for fire blight. All Cherry pollen is tested for

Cherry Leaf Roller Virus.


Quality Pollen Mixes


All pollens are not the same. Current research shows that the alleles of every pollen and crop are important. Because of this research we gather a wide number of pollens within each variety. This commitment to pollen diversity allows us to produce effective pollen mixes for any planting sequence that our customers are targeting.


Quality Packaging


Every order is individually packaged for each growers field. This individual

attention allows for the best product mixes and packaging size for each customer.


Quality Application Equipment


Effective application is paramount in achieving results. Firman Pollen continues to improve our application equipment. With the addition of the Scumby Pollen Applicator, the adjustable cardboard insert and the new improved wood insert, we have maintained our commitment to improve the success growers have come to rely on when using Firman Pollen.