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Firman Cherry Pollen increases set by improving cross-pollination.

Firman Pollen corrects three common cherry pollination problems .

Light Pollinizer bloom. A shortage of pollen in the field will produce a shortage of cherries at harvest. Applying Firman Cherry Pollen to your field adds the pollen that your pollinizers have not, thus setting more cherries and increasing your returns.

Poor bloom overlap. Lots of pollen at the wrong time is the same as having no pollen at the right time. Cherry flowers are receptive for only a short period of time, 12 to 48 hours, depending on the weather. The longer time is during cool weather. Losing the receptivity of your early vigorous bloom while waiting for the pollinizers to "catch-up" decreases your yields. Adding Firman Cherry Pollen to your field when your flowers are ready increases set.

Poor springtime weather. During the early spring when the cherries are blooming, the weather is the most variable, poor weather mixed with good weather can make pollination difficult. Because so many flowers must be set in order to produce a full crop, the pollination that takes place during the good weather periods is critical. Using Firman Cherry Pollen during these favorable periods increases the pollination that takes place, improving set and increasing the crop.

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